Change your SWIFTNet Link (SNL)

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Ordering checklist

  • For SNL host hardware change: The tier of the SNL is based on the information you provided about the hardware reference platform. Please contact your sales account manager to obtain further details about SNL Tiers.

  • Refer to the Network Access Control Guide for IP configuration questions.

  • As per SNL Service Description , the local IP address of the SNL instances must be different for each path (prime, alternate routing) that accesses SWIFTNet.

  • How can I place the VPN cluster and SWIFTNet Link in the same IP subnet while having a firewall in between? Read the Knowledge Base tip 60370 for the details (login required).

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Move SNL to another SIPN connection

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Change SNL and Next Hop configuration

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For your own infrastructure

Move SNL to another SIPN connection

Change the SNL usage of an SNLid from Prime to Test or Test to Prime

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