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Products and Services

Swift’s products and services continually evolve to support our community’s growing array of access, integration, business intelligence, reference data and financial crime compliance needs, and they help users access, generate, manage, process and understand their messaging traffic. They help our users get the most out of Swift messaging.

Our products and services are as varied as the financial industry itself. Swift offers a range of access options, produces messaging management software packages, carries out macro-economic analyses, and enables back-office automation. We also support financial crime compliance and standards implementation, offer professional training, and help our users enhance their security and resilience.

Our solutions seek to address challenges faced by the Swift community, to reduce risks, eliminate costs and to realise efficiencies in the processes supporting correspondent or transaction banking.

Our community approach allows us to best address our users’ needs and to develop shared solutions and harmonised industry-wide approaches.

Connectivity & Access

In order to use Swift’s Messaging Services, customers need to connect to the Swift environment. Catering to distinct user needs, Swift offers several distinct means of connecting to the Swift environment: directly via permanent leased lines, the internet, or Swift’s cloud service (Lite2); or indirectly via their appointed partners.

In addition to the different connectivity options and gateway products, Swift also provides a range of interfaces, providing seamless links between users’ internal systems and the Swift environment. Our different interfaces all manage the Swift protocols needed to access the Swift environment, whilst the different options are tailored to support different services and functionalities, depending on customer needs.


Swift offers a range of integration and messaging management solutions that support everything from the complex high volume messaging needs of the world’s largest institutions, to the lower-volume, cost-sensitive needs of smaller banks and corporates.

The solutions are designed to address users’ full financial messaging needs, and offer storage, formatting, translation and conversion, orchestration, archiving and repair functionalities, amongst others.

Shared services

Our services portfolio addresses some of the biggest operational challenges faced by financial institutions. These solutions focus on automating otherwise manual and time-consuming procedures, and simplifying regulatory and technological complexities associated with financial communication and back-office processing more generally.

Our financial crime compliance services, for example, help our community address one of the industry’s most pressing needs, by reducing the cost and complexity involved in tackling sanctions and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Small to mid-sized institutions use our managed service to screen financial transactions, while larger institutions gain third-party assurance that their sanctions environments are performing properly. Swift’s KYC Registry enables banks to exchange a standard set of due diligence information, mitigating the cost of data collection and enabling effective decision-making. Our expanding data analytics services help banks pinpoint, investigate and mitigate possible compliance risks related to financial transactions and correspondent relationships.

We also compile detailed business and macro-economic intelligence based on our messaging traffic data. By measuring traffic volumes, Swift is able to assess economic performance as it happens, undertake studies on the use of currencies in international transactions, and enable our users to analyse their own traffic.

As well as serving market infrastructures all across the world, Swift offers tailor-made resilience and back-up services to financial market infrastructures, which thereby benefit from an additional layer of resiliency.

Building on our central role as an ISO standards registration authority, Swift helps our users implement and update individual financial standard sets. Special standard applications show our users when standards changes standards have been effected, and whether their systems are up to date. Through Swift’s reference data utility we also provide the financial industry with a common source of up-to-date correspondent information.

Swift’s community spirit is evidenced through our many different consulting, professional training and support services which ensure that our users are not left alone, and always have access to our Swift experts, no matter where in the world they are. Our trained experts ensure that our users get the most out of their Swift messaging experience and help us respond to their needs.