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Concentrating message flows

As a SWIFT customer with medium to high messaging volumes, you may use multiple interfaces such as Alliance Access, Alliance Entry and Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH). Alliance Gateway helps you reduce maintenance costs and avoid duplication by concentrating your flows from different interfaces through to SWIFT.

Using Alliance Gateway, the communication interface connects to SWIFT via a single instance of SWIFTNet Link. This shields the application and messaging components of your SWIFT infrastructure from network connectivity.

A highly scalable solution, Alliance Gateway handles over 40 transactions per second and processes all SWIFT message flows including FIN, InterAct, FileAct and SWIFT WebAccess. Business adapters, such as the File Transfer Adapter (FTA) and the Transaction Delivery Agent (TDA), facilitate direct connections to Gateway.


Stringent security

Alliance Gateway can be placed between two firewalls – the ‘demilitarised zone’ – enabling tighter IP protocol filtering as well as segregating connectivity and business processing.

Monitoring functionality

Alliance Gateway provides tight control over business flows and your SWIFT environment, with monitoring functionality supporting single network management protocol (SNMP) notifications.

Comprehensive development framework

The Gateway Developers Toolkit can provide an easy-to-use framework for application vendors to offer their products on SWIFT.

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