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A state-of-the-art integration tool

Efficiency exercises and implementing regulatory initiatives, as well as technology upgrades, can require adaptation and integration of your operations. That’s why we provide a tool to integrate your back-office systems and applications with your Swift interface.

Alliance Access Integration Platform (IPLA) is an optional tool for communication between users’ back-office systems and Swift. It supports different message formats and can contact other systems for data validation and enrichment.

As well as completing individual transactions, IPLA reuses many Alliance Access features in transforming other message formats into Swift message formats for onward processing.

Our Consulting Services team can recommend the right integration tool for your business needs.

The features

Supporting validations

Enables the use of Swift validations, as well as the creation of other validations for Swift-supported message formats.

Bulking and debulking messages

Groups messages from back-office systems and sends them as FileAct messages, as well as transforming files with instructions in a proprietary format.

Document centre

Supports all message types used on Swift, including FIN, ISO 15022 and ISO 20022.

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