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Transaction Screening tailored to your needs

This fully-managed, securely-hosted service screens your incoming and outgoing messages against up-to-date sanctions lists and instantly alerts you if it detects anything suspicious. With an intuitive new interface, sophisticated rules and customisable alert configuration options, Swift’s Transaction Screening offers you more flexibility than ever before, so you can facilitate instant transactions without compromising on compliance.

A solution built for the future, Transaction Screening enables users to harness ISO 20022’s additional data fields to improve filter efficiency and effectiveness. For institutions that are yet to make the move to ISO 20022, Transaction Screening prepares the ground for a smooth migration of your messaging flows.

With virtually no software to install, the solution is fast and cost-effective. Get in touch today, and join over 900 banks and corporates already using our screening solutions worldwide.

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Transaction Screening explainer video
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Transaction Screening

Customisable, flexible, simple: Tadhamon Bank’s experience with Transaction Screening

A fully managed solution

Benefit from a reliable and sophisticated transaction screening engine, with up-to-date lists and industry-level security.

ISO 20022 ready

Swift is facilitating the industry-wide adoption of ISO 20022-based messaging for cross-border payments, enabling you to screen both FIN and ISO 20022 messages as they go over the Swift network.

Screen all your transactions in one place

Transaction Screening is hosted in a single portal alongside Payment Controls - all your screening solutions under one roof.

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Get detailed information on our Transaction Screening solution.

Document centre

Last update: 5 April 2024

Increase your sanctions screening effectiveness

Our improved sanctions screening solution - solving the same challenge, with new capabilities.

Last update: 6 August 2021

Tadhamon Bank’s migration to Transaction Screening

How Swift’s Transaction Screening Solution’s new features help them comply with international compliance regulation.

Last update: 24 September 2021

Why choose Transaction Screening?

Learn the key benefits of using Transaction Screening