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Alliance pack

The Alliance pack is the adequate platform for vendors to support any FIN and most of InterAct and FileAct integration. It provides a full-fledged Alliance Access interface with a large variety of adapters and can be used for most solutions and market initiatives.


  • Alliance Access run-time on any platform (AIX, Solaris, RHEL and/or Windows), including RMA license
  • Alliance Gateway on any platform (AIX, Solaris, RHEL and/or Windows)
  • Alliance Access adapters and other optional components that are made available to end users., including:
    • WebSphere MQSeries Host Adapter (MQHA and MQSA),
    • Automated File Transfer (AFT),
    • SOAP Adapter
    • Direct FileAct
  • Access Developer kit run-time license, required to run Access plug-in applications.
  • Access to SWIFT developer support and knowledge base
  • Entitlement to all Alliance Access releases (delivered on DVD) and patches (available on SWIFT download center)


  • Integrate your application using the most commonly used SWIFT Interface
  • Use any of the MQ, File or SOAP adapter of Alliance Access to exchange FIN, InterAct and FileAct payloads
  • Support MT, MX, FpML standards for most SWIFT solutions and market initiatives


To connect the Access pack to SWIFT Integration testbed (ITB), additional software and hardware are required. This includes:

  • PC Windows or Unix AIX or Solaris box
  • Internet connectivity, from your local telecom provider
  • SNL license
  • ITB connectivity pack

Registered vendors can order the Access pack with ITB connectivity.

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This is an extract of SWIFT Price List that can change from time to time. In case of inconsistency, SWIFT Price List supersedes the pricing listed here.