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of secure financial messaging services


Messaging services

SWIFT provides a variety of messaging services covering your different needs, and a set of tools to help you get the most out of these services.

FIN Our core store-and-forward messaging service. It enables the exchange MT messages in a secure and reliable way.
InterAct Store-and-forward is our core store-and-forward messaging service for MX messages. It enables to exchange financial data securely, cost effectively and reliably.
FileAct Provides a cost-effective way to exchange bulk files in different formats with your correspondents.

Design your development environment

All messaging services are supported by Alliance Access, which is the preferred SWIFT Interface for most SWIFT solutions and industry initiatives. The selection of a solution and of the related business transactions determine the messaging services and standards that your application needs to support.

FIN, InterAct and FileAct Messaging services are available for development and test purpose. Test messaging services are free of charge for registered vendors and can be ordered on-line.