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ISO 20022 document centre

Last update: 15 July 2024

CBPR+ Traffic Highlights - June 2024

Source: Swift Watch Analytics

Last update: 3 July 2024

Why is adopting ISO 20022 so important for the payments industry?

Hear from Charles Bunnik, Market Infrastructures Manager at ABN Amro.

Last update: 28 June 2024

ISO 20022 Community Readiness Deck

Timeline, scope and readiness - In-flow translation - RMA - Rich data - Resources

Last update: 27 May 2024

Structured Remittance Information

Detailed overview of the usage of Structured Remittance Information in ISO 20022 messages

Last update: 9 May 2024

Industry guidance on the introduction of the hybrid postal address

Detailed industry guidance on the introduction of the hybrid postal address from November 2025

Last update: 12 April 2024

ISO 20022 Payments Interoperability Charter

ISO 20022 Payments Interoperability Charter

Last update: 11 January 2024

ISO 20022 Market Guidance - Regulatory Reporting, Purpose of Payment & Category Purpose

Guidance on how to correctly populate the various types of purpose of payment in a pacs.008 message

Last update: 21 December 2023

Our strategy lays the groundwork for instant, frictionless and interoperable end-to-end international transactions.

Take a quick look at our strategy.

Last update: 21 November 2023

Ultimate Parties in Cross-Border Payments

Market Practice Guidelines on the provision of ultimate party data elements within ISO 20022 messages to support on...