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Messaging solutions for banking and payments

You rely on us for secure and reliable messaging for correspondent and corporate payments and banking. That’s our core. We also have solutions to mitigate operational and compliance risks, keeping your business safe and sound.

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SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi)


The Basic Tracker

An easy way for banks to track and confirm cross-border payments.


The digital transformation of cross-border payments

Facilitating a seamless payments experience


Unlocking payment confirmations for all

You only have until 22 November to meet the Universal Confirmations deadline.

Interbank payments and correspondent banking


Interbank payments and correspondent banking

Secure, reliable, compliant, efficient: we offer complete solutions


SWIFT Copy Services

Our copy services send copies for authorisation or information to third parties, based on parameters you...

Instant Payments


Real-time payments

Innovative real-time payment services are transforming the global financial landscape


The challenges for real-time payments

One size does not fit all payment systems: fragmentation and different implementation approaches across markets threaten...


Benefit from our experience (AU-NPP)

SWIFT revolutionised Australian banking with real-time payments, helping to design, build and deliver the new payments...

Intra-day liquidity reporting


Intraday liquidity

Meet BCBS reporting requirements and manage intraday liquidity better


Intraday liquidity reporting

The case for a pragmatic industry solution