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Bridging the gap between your back-office operations and Swift

Minimising manual intervention and increasing straight-through processing in financial messaging can help you improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Sometimes integration challenges can get in the way. Your back office systems may use message formats or communication methods that are not compatible with Swift messaging standards and formats, such as MT, MX, ISO15022 and ISO20022.

Whether you’re connecting to Swift via Alliance Lite2, Alliance Access or a service bureau, you will need to bridge your back-office systems with your Swift messaging platform. We provide a range of software solutions to transform data from proprietary message formats to Swift message formats – and vice versa.

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Find out about how Alliance Lite2 can offer you a direct Swift cloud connection to the financial industry

Discuss about integration

Contact your local Swift office for more information about interfaces and integration.

Your challenges

Integrating your back office systems to your messaging platform presents a number of challenges – from reducing manual intervention to incorporating regulatory changes which impact your message flows.

  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Adjust to regulatory changes quickly and easily.
  • Manage changes to internal systems without impacting service levels.

Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging


FIN carries 22.3+ million structured financial messages per day, securely and reliably. It’s depended on by FIs, corporates and market infrastructures worldwide.

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Allowing for the secure and reliable transfer of files, FileAct is typically used to exchange batches of structured financial messages and large reports.

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Interfaces and Integration

Swift Integration Layer

Our Swift Integration Layer (SIL) tool completes the connection between your back office and Swift, enabling you to connect to counterparties around the world.

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Alliance Access Integration Platform (IPLA)

Built into the Alliance Access interface, IPLA is a robust integration tool – enabling the conversion of proprietary transaction messages into Swift messages for onward processing.

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Messaging platforms

From cloud-based connectivity using Alliance Lite2 to our highly customisable messaging platform Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH), we can meet your connectivity needs.

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We provide dedicated Swift interfaces and technical training courses.

We provide dedicated Swift interfaces and technical training courses.

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Swift Integration Services

Whether you’re migrating from a legacy system or managing changes to your back-office applications, we can solve your integration challenges.

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Streamline the management of messaging standards and market practice within your organisation. Improve the on-boarding experience for your clients.

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Our integration software is tailored to the evolving messaging standards.

  • We control the relevant formats
  • Software updated as standards change
  • Avoids significant consultancy fees