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Fast, traceable and transparent cross-border payments

As a corporation, we understand you need a seamless cross-border payments experience. Speed, certainty and fee transparency are all key elements to running effective treasury and cash management processes.

Swift GPI has transformed cross-border payments, enabling businesses to reduce payment investigations, improve supplier relationships, speed up invoice reconciliation and achieve greater capital efficiencies.

Hundreds of the world’s leading cash management banks send over $300 billion via gpi every day. And with thousands more pledged to implement gpi, it will soon become the standard for cross-border payments.

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Nearly 50% of Swift GPI payments are credited to end beneficiaries within 30 minutes and over 90% of gpi payments are credited within 24 hours.


With gpi you have a real-time, end-to-end view on your cross-border payments and receive a confirmation the instant your beneficiary has been credited.


With gpi you have full visibility over the bank fees charged and FX rates applied to your cross-border payments.

Ready to start your Swift GPI for Corporates journey?

Find out how you can unlock fast, transparent and trackable cross-border payments by contacting your bank.

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Last update: 19 September 2019

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Stop and Recall Payment service


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Leading corporates go live with multi-bank tracking on Swift GPI

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How to start your gpi journey

Is your bank on gpi?

Find a gpi member bank using our Bank Readiness Portal.

Contact us

If your bank is not on gpi or if you have any question, get in touch with one of our gpi experts and get your questions answered.

Ready to join?

Join a community of over 3,500 financial institutions. Start your gpi journey today by submitting your interest to join gpi.

Adapted to your market segment


For banks

Transform your cross-border payments offering by delivering fast, trackable and transparent payments services.

Swift for Corporates

For corporates

Gain visibility into your international payments, enhance operational efficiency and discover payment insights.

Market Infrastructures

For Market Infrastructures

Deliver value for your community, enable interoperability and guarantee efficient payment clearing with Swift GPI.

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