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What is ISO 20022?

ISO 20022 is an emerging global and open standard for payments messaging. It creates a common language and model for payments data across the globe. One that provides higher quality data than other standards which means higher quality payments for all. One that can adapt to new needs and new approaches. One that’s not controlled by a single interest. One that can be used by anyone in the industry and implemented on any network.

ISO 20022

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ISO 20022 Programme

The ISO 20022 Programme will change the way you send cross-border payments and reporting instructions. Find...

ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter

SWIFT has launched an industry programme to ensure a cost effective and seamless adoption of ISO...

Supporting standards

What do we do as Registration Authority for ISO 20022 and how do we contribute to...

White paper - How ISO 20022 is transforming the language of payments

ISO 20022: The Payments Data Revolution

Richer, better structured and more granular data

ISO 20022 will enable richer, better structured and more granular data end-to-end to be carried in payments messages.

Quality data means quality payments

More transparency and more remittance information for your customers which in turn means better customer service. And a better customer experience.

Improved analytics, less manual intervention

Further operational benefits include improved analytics, less manual intervention, more accurate compliance processes, higher resilience and improved fraud prevention measures.

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