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Optimise sanctions compliance with pinpoint precision

The expansion of international sanctions and governmental efforts to fight terrorism pose evolving challenges for compliance departments.

You are now required to screen transactions and customers against rapidly growing lists of sanctioned individuals and organisations. Automated filtering tools often generate false positives and false negatives, meaning follow-up searches must be conducted manually, which is time consuming and risky.

Take control of sanctions compliance with maximum accuracy and efficiency using our modular set of shared services. These include transaction and name screening against standardised sanctions lists, along with integrated reporting and case management.

Sanctions Screening
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Sanctions Screening: Transaction screening made easy

Our solutions


Sanctions Screening

您可以放心。我们的管理式 Sanctions Screening 服务涵盖交易筛查

Name Screening

Supporting effective sanctions compliance by screening single names against sanctions, PEP and private lists

Sanctions Testing


Sanctions List Distribution

SWIFT 的 Sanctions List Distribution 节省您获取、更新、验证和编排最常用公开制裁名单的时间。

Expert Consultancy

携手 SWIFT 专家团队,强化贵机构合规环境

Sanctions List Monitor

Get alerts and standardised content updates whenever sanctions lists change
Sanctions compliance

Want to know more about sanctions compliance?

Here’s everything you need to get started.

About SWIFT’s sanctions compliance solutions

Sanctions solutions were the natural starting point for SWIFT’s compliance services portfolio. Their success demonstrates the efficacy of SWIFT’s hosted services model.

Launched in 2012, Sanctions Screening provides over 700 small and midsized institutions with simple, cost-effective transaction screening. Now, we’ve added Name Screening as a complementary solution – meaning we have your screening needs covered.

If you already have transaction, PEP or name screening filters in place, we can help you optimise their performance. Sanctions Testing is used by the world’s largest banks and leading insurers make sure their filters are working correctly – and demonstrate this internally and to overseers.

With the help of SWIFT and our filter supplier, we’ve reduced our customer screening filter alerts by 40 percent, and alerts for our main payment screening filter by 60 percent.

Richard Moore,  Managing Director and Group Head of Financial Crime & Security Services, DBS