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Bringing you the detail on RMB internationalisation

Following the success of our RMB Tracker, we’re now providing more detail on how the Renminbi is developing as an international currency. 

RMB Market Insights is our response.

This quarterly report from Swift Business Intelligence uses aggregated message data for RMB transactions over Swift, analysed to bring you valuable insights and comparisons in clear, compelling charts and graphs.

RMB Market Insights includes:

  • RMB transactions by message type

Details of payment, trade finance, fx and securities messages sent and received over Swift (excluding central bank transactions).

  • RMB transactions by country

The top 20, by month.

  • RMB Activity shares and comparisons

Volumes and values, by market and against Swift totals.

  • RMB currency pairs evolution in the foreign exchange market

RMB Market Insights will help you to identify new business opportunities and gaps. Compare the reports against your Swift message data to understand your activity share, drive decision-making and improve operational efficiency.

Detailed analysis of RMB internationalisation to help your business

We’ve developed RMB Market Insights to bring you detailed reporting that will inform your business and operational decisions.

Unique reports only available from Swift

RMB Market Insights use unique data from aggregated transaction volumes and values across Swift. The reports are updated quarterly with month by month detail.

Enables comparison and benchmarking

Compare the report statistics to your institution’s activity over Swift to evaluate your activity share, spot business opportunities or gaps and monitor operational performance.

Want to know more?

Get in touch to understand how RMB Market Insights can help you develop your RMB business.