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Features and functional packages

Table of contents

Key features

Alliance Web Platform SE is delivered as part of our Alliance Gateway, Alliance Access, Alliance Entry and Alliance Integration Platform (IPLA) software, offering a consistent look and feel across all the relevant products. There’s no need to maintain any local software – all you need to use Alliance Web Platform SE is an internet browser.

Alliance Web Platform SE runs in an application server environment using our embedded application server, which is delivered with the software and which allows for easy installation and configuration.

Additional features of Alliance Web Platform SE include the following:

  • Connection to servers. Alliance Web Platform SE can connect to multiple instances of Alliance Gateway, Alliance Access, Alliance Entry and Integration Platform (IPLA).
  • Monitoring capabilities. End user sessions and their status can be monitored. Events are captured in an Event Journal, which can be sent to a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) manager.
  • Customised branding. Your own branding can be used to customise Alliance Web Platform SE, incorporating logo, banner images and graphical elements.

Functional packages

With Alliance Web Platform SE installed, you can add functional packages to access end user functionality from the relevant Alliance server. As of Release 7.0, the following packages are available:

  • Alliance Gateway Administration
  • Alliance Gateway Browse
  • Alliance Relationship Management
  • Alliance Access/Entry Monitoring
  • Alliance Access/Entry Configuration
  • Alliance Web Platform SE Administration

The administrator can control access to the web platform functionality based on the needs and function of the end user.