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Directory of cyber security service providers

SWIFT has created a Directory of cyber security service providers for your reference when looking for providers in your country. These companies can help you to implement the CSP mandatory and advisory controls that apply to your connectivity configuration with SWIFT.

In listing firms in the Directory of cyber security service providers, SWIFT has taken into account certain criteria, including:

  • Cyber security services experience & credentials
  • Strategic focus on cyber security services
  • Good reputation & commitment to customers in the financial industry

It is important to note that SWIFT has not checked or validated the individual qualifications of the cyber security service providers listed in the directory; nor has SWIFT verified that providers listed in the directory have a history of SWIFT expertise.

SWIFT does not certify providers listed on the directory, however, every company listed on the directory has been requested to follow a CSP curriculum to acquire or maintain its knowledge and understanding about the programme. Its presence in the directory reflects a successful completion of the CSP curriculum.

Customer due diligence

You are responsible for completing your own due diligence when selecting and contracting cyber security service providers or any other entity offering such services. You should, for instance, verify that individual consultants working for the selected provider:

  • Have sufficient training and knowledge of SWIFT and SWIFT security – including understanding of the SWIFT security control framework and detailed mandatory and advisory controls
  • Hold recognised industry qualifications: consultants should maintain industry recognised security qualifications or certifications such as QSA, CISSP, SANS qualifications, etc.
  • Are otherwise suitable for your needs and purposes

Please also note that you can opt to contract with other providers that are not featured in the directory.

Do you want to be part of the directory?

Please follow these steps:

Should you have any questions, please contact us


Cyber Security Service Providers - Terms and Conditions
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