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We think working together brings out the best in all of us, and Swift Go is no different. As more banks around the world sign up, sending money abroad becomes simpler. Learn how it works and why it will make your customers smile.
Swift Go: Simpler
low-value payments

No more nasty surprises

We’re making unexpected fees a thing of the past. Each time your customer sends money abroad, they’ll know exactly how much it will cost them before they hit send. That means every single payment arrives at its destination in one piece, without any unexpected deductions.

How much can you send over Swift Go?

With Swift Go, your customers can send up to 10,000 USD, GBP or EUR around the world. Payments can also be made in other currencies – as more banks join the community, the list of supported currencies grows.

No hidden fees

By establishing all routing costs with your counterparties upfront, your customers always know exactly how much their transfer will cost before they hit send.

SLAs we can all agree on

Sending money with Swift Go is simple, and that’s all thanks to our service level agreements (SLAs). When you sign up, you’ll need to agree to process all payments in under four hours and promise not to make any extra deductions.

We make payments predictable

Your customers can send money straight from their bank accounts and rest assured it will arrive on time and in one piece. If you’re a gpi customer, let your customers track their transfer by integrating payment tracking into your banking app.

Keeping money moving: Our Central Reporting Engine

We simplify your claims process by logging all transactions on our Central Reporting Engine. With our monthly reports, you’ll save time and keep delighting your customers.

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Moving finance forward

Our mission is you

As a trusted industry cooperative, we’ll help you grow from strength to strength. We’re not after your customers, business or money – just our vision for a frictionless financial future.

When you choose Swift Go, you also choose a secure, best-in-class network that’s trusted by 11,000 institutions worldwide. Keep your customers’ money safe and don’t compromise on security.

Unrivalled security

We’ll do the heavy lifting

We’ll take care of the back end so that you can concentrate on developing a seamless payments experience for your customers. Now that’s what we call teamwork.

Payment Pre-validation: Swift Go’s perfect partner

Check all payments for errors upfront with Payment Pre-validation – a solution that works seamlessly alongside Swift Go. Learn how this API-based solution could help remove friction from your payments process.

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