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18 January 2023
How to capture growth in cross-border consumer and SME payments
International consumer and SME payments are exploding, with huge opportunities on offer for banks that capture this growth. Susana Delgado, Head of Consumer & SME Payments Strategy at Swift, explains what banks need to do to take advantage.
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Third-party providers:
Get ready for Swift Go

We’re working closely with our community of application providers, equipping them with everything they need to help their customers adopt Swift Go. That’s specifications, tools and test services to support their customers’ journey to a simpler low-value payments solution.

Existing third-party providers include:

  • ACI Worldwide
  • Allied Engineering Group
  • Birchford Technologies
  • CEC Gientech Technology Co Ltd
  • Commercial Banking Applications AS (CBA)
  • EastNets
  • Incentage AG
  • ProgressSoft Corporation
  • Turnkey Systems sarl

Please note that this list is an indicative guide only. We do not test or audit the functionality, usability or performance of third-party provider products.

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What our users say

Nguyen Cam Tam
Deputy Director – Payments Centre, BIDV
Damien Godderis
Payments Industry Engagement Manager, Cash Management, BNP Paribas
Stephen Wojciechowicz
AAP, CTP, Product Manager, Treasury Services, BNY Mellon
Ying Dong
Deputy General Manager, Global Transaction Banking, SPD Bank HQ


Third-party providers:
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Everything third-party providers need to help their customers adopt Swift Go, including specifications, tools and test services.

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What problem does Swift Go solve?

Cross-border transactions can be complicated – it’s no secret. Each payment must travel through different regulatory jurisdictions and is often processed by several banks throughout its journey.

For consumers and SMEs, this can be a slow and costly experience. Unexpected fees, delays and deductions all mean that the end beneficiary waits longer for their cash, and ends up with less of it in their pocket.

Swift Go transforms this experience, allowing banks to offer a quick and easy process that doesn’t cost the earth. And that’s all thanks to our SLAs. Banks agree to process transactions quickly and efficiently and promise to credit the end recipient with the full amount. You can even integrate our payments tracker into your banking app to give your customers total transparency on the progress of their payment.

Can I send domestic payments via Swift Go?

No. We created Swift Go to revolutionise the way consumers and SMEs send money around the world. For that reason, the solution can only be used to send international transfers.

How much can you send over Swift Go?

Swift Go can be used to send the equivalent of up to $10,000.

How long does it take to implement Swift Go?

Banks have taken as little as three weeks to onboard onto Swift Go – that’s from signing their first signature to processing their first payment. Most banks go live in three to six months, depending on their circumstances.

To find out how long it might take your institution, chat to one of our experts.

Do I need to implement all roles when signing up to Swift Go?

As more and more banks go live, small businesses and consumers around the world will begin to experience a better way to pay. While it’s currently possible to sign up as just a sender, intermediary or beneficiary bank, we believe that the best way to transform low-value payments forever is through the adoption of all three.

With that in mind, we understand that implementing one role at a time may enable you to get up and running more quickly and will allow you to follow your own adoption timeline.

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