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SwiftNet Link: benefits and features

Table of contents

Benefits of SwiftNet Link

Providing consistent single-window access to SwiftNet, SwiftNet Link ensures the reusability of the customer SwiftNet infrastructure.

Service providers can monitor the operational and application status of users, resulting in better customer service. SwiftNet Link also facilitates end-to-end service monitoring and management – resulting in better availability, control and support, as well as tighter security, improved performance management and seamless configuration management.

Customers and vendors are shielded from the underlying network and security technology, freeing up vendors from the need to develop Swift-specific communication protocols.

SWIFNet Link can be changed to meet your evolving technology needs, without affecting supported applications.

Application Programming Interfaces

SwiftNet Link provides a number of XML-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These offer the following functionalities:

  • Customer applications can access SwiftNet.
  • Local applications can communicate with remote applications.
  • Local and remote applications can establish end-to-end integrity, authentication and confidentiality.
  • Local and remote applications can retrieve the current date and time from our trusted time service.
  • Local and remote applications can communicate securely using SWIFNet PKI.
  • Local and remote applications can support features such as load balancing, which are specifically designed for high-availability and high-throughput environments.

Using SwiftNet Link

SwiftNet Link supports both Windows and UNIX platforms.

Different versions of SwiftNet Link are available to meet your needs – whether you’re using an application-to-application communication model such as Alliance Gateway, or a person-to-application communication model such as Alliance Web Platform SE.

SwiftNet 7.0

The latest major and mandatory release, 7.0 provides a comprehensive set of features and tools. These offer many opportunities to reduce costs and risks, improve efficiency and increase flexibility.

All customers were required to upgrade their Swift interfaces to 7.0 by the end of March 2012.