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Swift applicable Terms and Conditions

Swift General Terms and Conditions

The Swift General Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions that apply to the provision or use of the Swift Services and Products to which customers subscribe via an electronic form or other contractual arrangements that expressly refer to these Swift General Terms and Conditions.

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Swift Services Terms & Conditions

Consulting services terms and conditions for EMEA/APAC and for AMERICAS regions.

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Other Terms and Conditions

SwiftRef Products and Services, VPN Box - Terms and Conditions, 3SKey - Terms and Conditions, HSM - Terms and Conditions, Developers Toolkit License Agreement, Training Services,  UHB on USB Key, Swift over Bloomberg

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The Swift Partner Programme Terms and Conditions, The SCORE Compliant MA-CUG Label Programme and the Shared Infrastructure Programme

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Share Infrastructure Policy , BIC policy ,Customer testing Policy, Data Protection Policies

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Online services - Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use and Statements governing usage of Swift online services and website.

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Other Contractual Documents

Swift Price List - Restricted access (log in required)

The Swift Pricing and Invoicing documents set forth the fees and charges applicable to Swift Customers for the provision and use of the Swift Services and Products, as approved by the Swift Board from time to time. They also provide information about applicable invoicing and payment terms and conditions.

Pricing and Invoicing — Price List (log in required)

Pricing and Invoicing — Ordering, Invoicing and Payment (log in required)

Claims procedure for problems in a live environment

The Claims procedure for problems in a live environment sets out the procedure to follow when a customer decides to formally file a claim with Swift relating to the provision or use of Swift messaging services, Solutions or applications in a live environment. This procedure applies if the customer and Swift have failed to resolve the dispute at a business level. For more information about dispute resolution, see the applicable contractual framework (typically article 15 of the Swift General Terms and Conditions).

Claims procedure for problems in a live environment

Sibos Terms and Conditions

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