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Swift for High Value Payments Systems / RTGS

High Value Payments Systems (HVPS) are at the heart of the financial eco-system. They need to offer efficient clearing and settlement services for large value and high priority payments, and must ensure they are resilient enough to withstand a variety of threats to their security and integrity. Swift supports more than 80 HVPS providing common standards, and a highly secure and resilient messaging service.

Standardised business flows for HVPS/RTGS


Standardised business flows for Payment Market Infrastructures

Flawless and automated execution of payments flows for PMIs and their communities

Secure, reliable messaging services



Our core service for exchanging MT format financial messages



InterAct carries your MX or ISO 20022 messages and XML structured data with the security and...


Swift Copy Services

Our copy services send copies for authorisation or information to third parties, based on parameters you...


Swift Web Access

The secure channel to your web applications



A single secure channel for large files of structured messages, operational data or reports

Resilience products and services


Market Infrastructure Resiliency Service (MIRS)

A robust RTGS third-site recovery solution


Operational excellence

For financial institutions and market infrastructures achieving operational excellence requires deep expertise


Swift Community Support

Unlimited support covering all essentials

Consulting, training and operational services


Consulting, training and operational services for FMIs

Assisting market infrastructures and their communities with large projects

ISO 20022 for High Value Payments Systems (HVPS)

ISO 20022 Harmonisation

ISO 20022 Global Market Practices – Status

This document provides, per business area, the ISO 20022 Global Market Practices currently available or in...

Partner Programme

Swift Compatible Application

The Swift Compatible Application programme is available for applications connecting to Swift via Swift Alliance Access...

Data standards

Swift Scope for Central Banks


Swift Scope

Our powerful, end-to-end business intelligence solution combines financial messaging data with other information sources to deliver...