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Streamline your ISO 20022 adoption process

These ready-to-use Libraries from SWIFT enable you to further optimise your ISO 20022 migration process thanks to readily available off-the-shelf solutions built with SWIFT’s extensive standards expertise.

The libraries’ specific solutions, in the form of pre-defined message definitions and mapping rules, eliminate the need for time-consuming analysis and mapping design.

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SWIFT Libraries

Implement pre-defined message and mapping rules

Purchase and implement

All pre-defined mapping libraries with validation rules can be ordered, downloaded and implemented with minor integration effort, supported by the appropriate licence.

Prioritise resources

The libraries offer ready-to-use solutions so that you can direct your focus and time to niche areas for which no pre-defined solutions are available.

Customise solutions in SWIFT Translator

Purchase and customise libraries according to your needs for an even more streamlined migration process.

SWIFT Payments
18 May 2021 | 5 min read

Ease your ISO 20022 adoption with quick and reliable message translation

Moving to ISO 20022 is a significant undertaking. That’s why leading financial institutions like BNP Paribas...

A translation solution for ISO 20022 adoption

SWIFT Translator can help you adopt ISO 20022 more efficiently.
SWIFT Payments
24 September 2020 | 4 min read

ISO 20022: The Payments Data Revolution

Building on the transparency and speed of SWIFT gpi, the next big improvement in cross-border payments...