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Bringing payment confirmations to the whole Swift community

Since the 22 November 2020, every MT 103 sent on the Swift network contains the final confirmation on its outcome.

That means that every eligible institution will need to be able to update the Tracker when a payment has been credited to the end beneficiary, rejected or transferred outside of the Swift network.

To help you on this journey, we have a number of automated and manual ways you can confirm your payments.

Universal payment confirmations - for all banks
Universal payment confirmations
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Universal payment confirmations - for banks

[Webinar] How to confirm your payments
[Webinar] How to confirm your payments
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Join us to find out more about the ways you can confirm payments, including our free Basic Tracker tool and our automated channels, and what you need to do to get started.

The ways to confirm

We have a number of user friendly automated and manual ways for you to confirm your payments.

Already a Swift GPI member?

Is your institution already a Swift GPI customer? Find out what you need to do to meet the new mandate.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about Universal Confirmations? Find out all you need to know and browse useful resources.

5 ways to confirm

The Basic Tracker

Designed to support customers handling limited cross-border payments volumes, our free Basic Tracker allows you to manually track, search and confirm payments.

MT 199 confirmations

Confirm payments by sending an interbank payment message (MT 199) to a dedicated Tracker BIC through your existing Swift interface.

API calls

Using API calls to confirm payments is a fast and efficient way to update the Tracker. You can use the gpi connector to update the Tracker using the unique tracking code of the transaction.

ISO 20022

From 2022, with the support of Swift and other key market infrastructures, the global banking community will be moving to a new messaging standard for payments: ISO 20022.

Batch confirmations

Our new CSV format (Comma Separated Values) can now be used to implement Universal Confirmations. Batch confirmations allow you to reduce the implementation effort to a simple end-of-day export file from your payment application.

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