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SWIFT gpi for Corporates Compatible Applications

Third-party corporate cash management and treasury applications with proven technical and functional compliance to gpi for Corporates

gpi for Corporates extends the value of SWIFT gpi, to corporates. It was designed to respond to the demand from corporates for a consistent gpi experience across multiple banks and the need for integration of gpi information in their treasury management and ERP systems. It allows application vendors to offer the latest innovation in cross-border payments to their corporate customers. Empowering them with enriched capabilities on collection management, liquidity forecasting and credit management and business insights on payment performance, cost and routing, integrated in their treasury systems (TMS & ERP).

Looking for SWIFT gpi for Corporates labelled and live compatible applications to help your business?

The SWIFT gpi for Corporates compatible Label, is available to vendors offering business and payment applications to corporates who have successfully completed the gpi for Corporates integration and test catalogue and are thus capable of processing and exchanging gpi for Corporates-related flows.

SWIFT experts award the label after a positive Technical and Functional validation. And also to qualify for this programme, vendors must have a minimum one live corporate customer.

Here you will find more information about the label criteria and to how to apply.

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Contact: Karsten Kiefer Website: www.bellin.com
Email: Karsten.Kiefer@Bellin.com Application Name: tm5
Phone: +49 7822 4460 502 Label profile sheet: DOWNLOAD


Contact: Luc Belpaire Website: www.fisglobal.com
Email: luc.belpaire@fisglobal.com Application Name: Trax
Phone:   Label profile sheet: DOWNLOAD


Contact: Cyril Fandard Website: www.kyriba.com  
Email: cfandard@kyriba.com Application Name: Kyriba
Phone: +33 612 73 3634 Label profile sheet: DOWNLOAD


Contact: Dmytro Diachkovskyi Website: www.intellecteu.com
Email: dmytro.diachkovskyi@intellecteu.com Application Name: PayLOCATOR
Phone: +380503842777 Label profile sheet: DOWNLOAD


SWIFT gpi for Corporates functional and technical compatible application vendors

Pending live corporate customer, these vendors offer business and payment application solutions that are technically and functionally compliant with SWIFT gpi for Corporates criteria.

Compatible application vendors:

  • Access Systems
  • Exalog Development
  • Treasury Intelligence Solutions
  • UnifiedPost