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A single channel to all your banking partners

If you send and receive international payments, you need a single channel to connect all your banking partners. This avoids adding cost and complexity to your operations.

Using different banks’ services based on geographic scope and specialist expertise can bring benefits. But integrating multiple banking systems into your back office can be costly and labour-intensive, adding complexity and potential risk into your financial processes.

Discover our solutions for corporates
Swift for Corporates
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Swift for Corporates


Swift provides a single, secure channel through which you can communicate with all of your banks, whatever the size of your business today or tomorrow. 


Treasury plays a key role in defending the organisation against fraud and cyber attack given the scale and sensitivity of the transactions and data it manages and responsibility for managing bank accounts.


Globalisation, urbanisation, digitisation are inspiring international growth, transforming the competitive landscape, and motivating new supply chain and business models. CFOs and treasurers play a key role in enabling their organisations to succeed in new and unfamiliar territories and respond to new opportunities.