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The drive for operational excellence

All financial institutions are being asked to achieve operational excellence, regardless of their role or location. This push comes from numerous angles, including regulatory oversight, reduced margins and increased cost pressures demanding greater efficiency.

The reputational consequences of operational failure are ever-present, and customers expect high-quality products and services. You also need resilient operating centres, a robust business continuity plan and 24/7 operational monitoring.

The challenges of adopting the right governance, processes and controls are significant, so you need the right support, services and expertise. 

Targeting operational excellence at Rabobank

Rabobank turns an infrastructure challenge into an opportunity to improve operational excellence with help from Swift Services.

Five pillars of operational excellence

Financial institutions and market infrastructures must enact processes and controls across five key pillars. People and culture involves relevant training, certification, formal planning, and management. Processes involve software deployment, monitoring and control, and change, incident, and crisis management. Assurance necessitates procedures to ensure readiness (requirements, sign-off, deployment and testing), BCP and resilience, and compliance. Command and control concerns process and security monitoring and well-defined roles. And continuous improvement, strives to always push the bar higher.

  • Enact strict governance, processes and controls spanning five pillars
  • Align the organisation to maximise efficiency, eliminate redundancies
  • Leverage external organisations if internal resources are insufficient

Our solutions


Business operations review — assessment, design, implementation

- Benchmark your messaging framework against peers - Optimise your messaging flow by reducing manual flows and using standardised channels - Review your operational processes to increase efficiency and drive automation

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Technical operations review — assessment, design, implementation

- Benchmark your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) against peers - Evaluate the best sourcing approach - Increase the resilience and security of your Swift Infrastructure.

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Tailored training

Leverage training that delivers best-practice for business continuity, security, and disaster recovery processes for Swift Alliance interfaces. Comprehensive workshops on specific subjects are available.

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We provide qualifications for Swift-related functions.

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Operational Services

Premium support

Leverage premium support (available online, telephone and onsite) which ensures priority handling, incident resolution and proactive monitoring.

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Alliance managed operations (AMO)

With AMO, Swift can remotely manage your Alliance interfaces on your behalf. That includes continuous real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and more.

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Field Services

We provide on-demand assistance and preventive care. The package includes change management assistance such as mandatory patch installation; recurring sanity checks and emergency on-site assistance.

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Ten years’ worth of assessment data, across 1000+ firms and 5000+ projects qualifies us to…

  • …offer pragmatic operational excellence services
  • …benchmark the performance of your firm against your peers
  • …fix governance, processes and infrastructure issues