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Central Bank Digital Currencies

Exploring central bank digital currencies

New paper from SWIFT and Accenture looks at the opportunities and challenges of CBDCs for international payments, practical requirements for their adoption at scale, and how SWIFT can support the financial community as new solutions are developed.

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FIN messages and performances

Fin messages
on 12 May 2021
Fin messages
in May 2021
Total messages 2021
Growth YTD
Network availability 2021

Our solutions



Our messaging, standards and services connect you to your counterparties worldwide, so you can transact securely and reliably.

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SWIFT | Homepage | Banking

Capital Markets

SWIFT is advancing its solutions to address capital market challenges. Reduce costs and risks with securities transaction and FX market solutions.

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SWIFT | Homepage | Capital Markets


As a multinational, you want industry-standard ways to work with multiple banking partners for cash, trade and corporate treasury.

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SWIFT | Homepage | Corporates

Market Infrastructures

Resilience, security and responsiveness are your core operational requirements. Our solutions help you deliver for your community.

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SWIFT | Homepage | Market Infrastructures

Are you a customer?

mySWIFT is your one-stop shop to help you manage your SWIFT products and services, keep track of your orders and invoices, and access online support.

Cyber Security

Customer Security Programme (CSP)

Reinforcing the security of the global banking system


Resilience, security and responsiveness are your core operational requirements. Our solutions help you deliver for your...

Featured news & events

Istanbul - Turkey
27 April 2021 | 17 min read

Payments transformation in the Middle East and Turkey

The rapid growth of digital payments around the world, in part driven by the COVID-19 pandemic...
Making compliance checks easier for corporates
13 April 2021 | 5 min read

Making compliance checks easier for corporates

Know Your Customer (KYC) checks can be a real source of inefficiency for corporates, especially for...
Homepage banner gpi
8 April 2021 | 10 min read

ISO 20022 in bytes: The voice of the German community, SWIFT platform connectivity guidance and more

Welcome to the 4th edition of ISO 20022 in bytes. In this edition we’ve got a...
Data Standards
30 March 2021 | 5 min read

Revolutionise your corporate onboarding process

SWIFT MyStandards introduces the innovative Responder feature, driving faster, more efficient corporate-to-bank onboarding. Here’s what MyStandards...
The SWIFT platform
11 March 2021 | 3 min read

SWIFT platform evolution: Connectivity guidance now available

Download our info paper to learn more about your options to connect to SWIFT’s enhanced platform...
Payments fraud
10 March 2021 | 4 min read

SWIFT and ICC collaborate to drive sustainability in trade finance

SWIFT’s KYC Registry will become the first global utility to integrate the International Chamber of Commerce’s...
Enabling payments transformation in North America
2 February 2021 | 12 min read

Enabling payments transformation in North America

The march towards instant digital payments is changing the way that banks and financial institutions operate...
Social | Financial crime compliance
1 February 2021 | 5 min read

How HSBC is streamlining its KYC and AML checks

Marian Owczarzy, VP Utilities Lead, KYC Industry Utilities, Alwin Bathija, Global Head of Corporates Onboarding and...
ISO 20022 CBPR+ Translation portal
27 January 2021 | 9 min read

ISO 20022 in bytes: Transformation in The Philippines, new resources and more

Next year rich payment data will start to become the standard language of global payments. Projects...