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SwiftRef corporate packs

We provide a series of packs for corporates, combining several of our standard web query and file-based products.

Pack One is an ideal start for SEPA compliance. With Pack Two and Pack Three, you can benefit from an SAP™ compatible Bank Directory. Pack Three will also give you correspondent banking data (SSIs).

With Pack 2 and 3, we can assist you to validate the bank data in your ERP system. This will provide you with a solid and reliable foundation to integrate our SwiftRef data.

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SwiftRef's contribution

Corporate Reference Data
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Corporate Reference Data

Corporate Pack One

Corporate Pack One is designed for corporates that require manual access to worldwide payments reference data and SEPA-compliant database.

Corporate Pack Two

For Corporates with automated processing of domestic, SEPA, and International Payments.

Corporate Pack Three

Corporate Pack Three is designed for global corporates with large-scale payments operations and critical FX/MM transactions.