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Optimised for large file and bulk message transfers

When you need a secure, reliable and efficient way to transfer large files of data, FileAct is the solution. It connects you instantly to thousands of FileAct enabled users worldwide. 

FileAct is particularly suitable for transferring large files of structured messages, such as bulk payments files or securities value-added information. It’s also the messaging service to choose for large-scale reporting tasks, including central bank reporting and the transfer of operational data. Files of almost any format or size may be sent, up to hundreds of MB.  

FileAct supports tailored solutions for market infrastructure communities, closed user groups and financial institutions.

FileAct provides the security, availability and reliability your business demands, including the highest availability in the industry.

FileAct also offers non-repudiation; on request, Swift will re-verify a file signature to prove its origin.

FileAct Infographics

Protects against internet vulnerability

Provides levels of security not available with internet-based file transfer solutions

Connects you worldwide

Thousands of Swift users worldwide are ready to exchange files over FileAct

Value-added features improve the efficiency of your operations

FileAct offers features including file compression, enhanced headers to facilitate file handling and routing, and copies of headers to third parties for authorisation or information

Get more information about FileAct

FileAct is ideal for your file transfer tasks

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Last update: 27 November 2015

FileAct factsheet

FileAct provides a cost-effective way to transfer large volumes of data in different formats to your correspondents.

Last update: 15 December 2015

FileAct Copy Factsheet

This factsheet explains the service and outlines the key features & benefits

Last update: 15 December 2015

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