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CBPR+ roadmap

What is CBPR+?

Cross-border payments and reporting plus (CBPR+) is a workgroup of payments experts whose mission is to create global ISO 20022 Market Practice and Implementation Guidelines to ensure a common roll-out and implementation of ISO 20022 by banks.

CBPR+ usage guidelines define how ISO 20022 messages are to be used for cross-border payments and cash reporting on the Swift network and are to be validated.

Usage guidelines and translation rules are available on MyStandards.

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How is CBPR+ linked to the PMPG?

The CBPR+ group is composed of payments experts from PMPG communities and a handful of non-PMPG banks nominated by Swift.

As members representing their specific community, each is responsible for reporting to that community and ensuring that its needs are represented in all workshops. Swift chairs the CBPR+ meetings and is responsible for the secretariat.

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CBPR+ migration

CBPR+ go-live in March 2023

The initial CBPR+ release was implemented in March 2023, covering a series of payment initiation (pain), payment clearing and settlement (pacs) and cash management (camt) messages. It is made of 15 usage guidelines that can be consulted in MyStandards.

CBPR+ messages are exchanged on FINplus, the InterAct store-and-forward messaging service, used for ISO 20022 messages in a many-to-many setup.

CBPR+ release of November 2023

March 2023 was only the start, with additional CBPR+ messages migrating during the coexistence period. The November 2023 release will cover cheques, direct debits, and a few other use cases (cancellation, margin collection). It is made of 8 usage guidelines that can be consulted in MyStandards.

From this release onwards, implementation follows the regular Standards Release timeline: messages are testable on the network from the end of July, and generally available from November.

CBPR+ release of November 2024

In 2023, the CBPR+ workgroup will develop the usage guidelines that will be implemented from November 2024. These will cover the new Charges messages (ISO 20022 base messages camt.105 and camt.106), and the new Exceptions and Investigations (E&I) messages (ISO 20022 base messages camt.110 and camt.111).

The exact number of usage guidelines to be designed will be confirmed later in 2023. In the meantime, the MT/MX Equivalence Tables can be consulted in MyStandards.

End of CBPR+ coexistence in November 2025

In November 2025, cross-border payments and reporting traffic shall have migrated to the ISO 20022 format and Categories 1, 2 and 9 of MT messages will be retired. That will mark the end of the co-existence period.

MT 199, MT 299 and MT 999 messages used in the payments business domain will also be decommissioned in November 2025. Such traffic will need to migrate to the appropriate ISO 20022 equivalent.

Please note the Payment Standards Maintenance Group will be discouraged from approving any changes during the MT/MX coexistence period unless they are deem critical or required by regulatory reasons.

You can check for updates and announcements of maintenance releases through the annual standards release process.

Is your partner CBPR+ ready?

Access the list of partners that have confirmed and shared their commitment to support the CBPR+ message collection, in addition to equivalent MTs.