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ISO 20022 Programme document centre

Note that some of the content in this document centre refers to November 2021 as the start date for the ISO 20022 and SWIFT MT coexistence period. The updated timeline for ISO 20022 adoption is available on the timeline page. SWIFT users should refer to this updated timeline.

Last update: 15 November 2022

ISO 20022 Community Readiness Deck

November 2022

Last update: 21 October 2022

Swift at Sibos 2022: Are you ready for ISO 20022?

Swift at Sibos 2022 - Session recording

Last update: 21 October 2022

Swift at Sibos 2022: Rethinking data architecture through the ISO 20022 lens

Swift at Sibos 2022 - Session replay

Last update: 8 October 2022

ISO 20022 for dummies

Read this book for more info on why ISO 20022 matters, and the benefits for you.

Last update: 27 September 2022

SWIFT Test Sparring Partner

Info sheet

Last update: 15 September 2022

The future of payments is ISO 20022

Resources and Messaging on Benefits of ISO 20022

Last update: 19 August 2022

SWIFT ISO 20022 programme for CBPR+: key documents overview

Get ready for ISO 20022 go-live for payments, and the start of coexistence, in November 2022

Last update: 13 July 2022

ISO 20022 Migration and Interoperability Considerations v1

Overview of ISO 20022 Payments Migration, Key Timelines and Considerations

Last update: 3 May 2022

Exploring coexistence in the securities industry: Why the ISO 20022 central dictionary is the key to interoperability and realising data opportunities

Journal of Securities Operations & Custody Volume 14 Number 2

Last update: 14 April 2022

Future of Payments: ISO 20022

A summary of selected resources on the benefits of ISO 20022 adoption for CBPR+