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Differentiate your cross-border payments offer

Swift GPI has transformed the cross-border payments service you can offer your customers. Now your customers can make high-speed international payments, settled in minutes and seconds, track their payments in real-time, receive a confirmation when the payments are credited and get transparency on the fees involved.

So, by adopting gpi today, you can differentiate your cross-border payments offer and grow your corporate customer base.

Adoption has been extremely rapid since gpi went live in early 2017 – Swift GPI has been adopted by 4,030+ financial institutions around the world, including 60 out of the 60 top banking groups on Swift. 895+ banks are live today.

Every bank which joins gpi will be able to trace every payment they send using Swift GPI across all 11,000 banks on the Swift network.

Swift GPI will be the standard for all cross-border payments by the end of 2020.