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The simple connection to Swift

You’d like to connect Alliance Access or Alliance Entry directly to Swift without hosting connectivity products on your own premises. The solution: Alliance Remote Gateway, a private cloud-based connectivity solution for Alliance Access and Alliance Entry.

Alliance Remote Gateway enables you to focus on your core business and reduces your total cost of ownership for messaging related activities. There’s no need to purchase, operate and maintain your own Alliance Gateway, SwiftNet Link or Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

ARG supports all Alliance Access and Alliance Entry flows, and all FIN and InterAct messages and FileAct files, as well asall Alliance Access and Alliance Entry adapters.

Alliance Remote Gateway is operated from one of the Swift Operating Centres (OPC) and is an alternative to the on-premises Alliance Gateway. Contact your local Swift Office to verify whether Alliance Remote Gateway is right for your organisation.

Find out more about Alliance Remote Gateaway

No need for additional components

With ARG, y have everything they need to communicate with their counterparties – so there’s no need to manage or operate additional software.

Stay in control

You’ll continue to run Alliance Access or Entry on premises, retaining full control over configuration, data, integration and message storage.

Comprehensive service and support

Whether you’re new to Swift or an existing customer, getting started with ARG is straightforward: we’ll analyse your requirements and design and implement your solution.

Learn more about Alliance Remote Gateway

Contact your Swift account manager for more information

Document centre

Last update: 12 May 2015

Alliance Remote Gateway factsheet

This factsheet explains the service and outlines the key features & benefits

Last update: 10 December 2015

Alliance Remote Gateway Presentation

This presentation explains the service and outlines the key features & benefits