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Keep your customers happy with payments that complete the first time they’re sent.
Powered by APIs and supercharged by best-in-class data sources, our solution lets you wave goodbye to typos and formatting errors, while keeping funds safe from fraudsters.


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Why pre-validate your payments?

Payment investigations are time consuming, expensive, and leave your customers feeling frustrated. But what if you could avoid these investigations altogether? By checking that payment data is correct before hitting send, you can make sure funds get where they need to and keep your customers happy. 

Powered by data you can trust

Our data is of the highest quality, sourced from our community of over 11,500 banks, corporates and vendors, along with regulators and central banks. So you can be sure your payment information is correct, whether it’s heading to a long-term banking partner or a new bank on your books. 


Payment Pre-validation Factsheet

Say hello to

  • Fewer fails
  • Faster payments
  • Safer funds
  • Happier customers

Say goodbye to

  • Typos, mistakes and formatting errors
  • Long and costly investigations
  • Authorised push payment fraud cases
  • Opaque payment journeys

Still got questions about Payment Pre-validation?

Take a look at our FAQs and get answers today.

Debopama Sen
Payment Pre-validation is an extraordinarily useful tool. Since using it in some of our areas we’ve seen a reduction in the total number of queries we receive, and the ones that remain in those areas are no longer caused by incorrect data.
Debopama Sen Head of Payments, Services at Citi
Thomas Halpin
Pre-validation is an important step in helping corporates to make simpler, faster and more secure cross-border payments.
Thomas Halpin MD, Global Head of Payments, HSBC
 George Doolittle
This service addresses a key challenge in the cross-border payment industry.
George Doolittle EVP-Head of Global Payments, Corporate & Investment Banking, Wells Fargo

What our customers say

Don't just take it from us. Hear how users around the world are fighting friction with Payment Pre-validation.

Testimonial - How has Payment Pre-validation helped improve Visa's customer experience?

Visa - How has Payment Pre-validation helped improve your customer experience?

How did Swift support National Bank of Kuwait's adoption of Payment Pre-validation?
1 min view

National Bank of Kuwait - How did Swift support your adoption of Payment Pre-validation?

Why did CBI collaborate with Swift when implementing Payment Pre-validation?
4 min view

CBI - Why did you collaborate with Swift when implementing Payment Pre-validation?

Testimonial - Why did HSBC adopt Swift Payment Pre-validation?
4 min view

HSBC - Why did you adopt Swift Payment Pre-validation?

What convinced Banorte to adopt Payment Pre-validation?
1 min view

Banorte - What convinced you to adopt Payment Pre-validation?

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