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Grow your business with Swift’s secure cloud-based solution

Designed to answer the needs of the international financial ecosystem, Alliance Cloud is the unified, secure cloud-based channel for connecting to Swift’s network of 11,000+ counterparts, as well as messaging services, standards and solutions. 
Fully scalable, with high performance, resiliency and availability, and equipped with Swift-standard security and built-in flexibility, Alliance Cloud reduces your overall operational burden. It allows seamless integration to back-office applications, and the intuitive interface provides a fluid user experience. 
Alliance Cloud lets you take advantage of new services, integrate new initiatives – both from Swift and across the industry – and adopt evolutions in API technologies, all for a low total cost of ownership. 

Alliance Cloud continues to evolve through frequent incremental updates. 

Alliance Cloud
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Discover Alliance Cloud

The fully scalable, cloud-based channel

Lower total cost of ownership

Fully managed and hosted by Swift, Alliance Cloud minimises use of internal infrastructures and resources, guaranteeing a highly cost-effective environment.

Future proof your business

Alliance Cloud allows financial institutions and businesses to scale up while incurring minimal overheads. It integrates with both Swift and industry initiatives, and enables access to new services and evolutions in API technologies.

Work with ease and autonomy

Alliance Cloud provides users with full message processing autonomy via self-configurable workflows, which guarantees a smooth and consistent user experience across all Swift services, including gpi and sanctions screening solutions.