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Extend your reach

As a broker/dealer, you need to facilitate your clients’ cross-border, cross-asset class trading. This includes enabling electronic trading, building scale and reducing operating costs — while managing increased regulation, risk reduction and compliance requirements.

Whether you’re interacting with clients, trade repositories, regulatory bodies, service providers or your peers, you can rely on secure, standardised messaging solutions for trading and pre-settlement processes, across multiple markets and asset classes.

And you can connect with buy-side clients, custodians, settlement agents and market infrastructures in more than 200 countries.

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Watch for Securities

Access all your domestic and cross-border asset servicing and settlement data in one place and benefit from powerful analysis and insights. Watch for Securities analyses your settlement and reconciliation (MT540 – MT548), asset servicing (MT 564-MT568) and reporting (MT536) messages sent and received over Swift. View your data against aggregated Swift totals to determine your activity share in different market segments and benchmark your performance against the industry.

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  • Read about in-depth analysis available with Securities Analytics
  • Get pre-defined visual dashboards of data with Securities Insights

Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging

Settlement and reconciliation messages for operational efficiency and reporting

Our settlement messages cover a wide variety of settlement transaction types. Reconciliation messages keep you informed intraday and enhance your operational reporting.

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Automate your equity and fixed income confirmations

Global Electronic Trade Confirmations uses industry best practice and standards and is up to 50 per cent more cost-effective than other solutions.

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Connecting CLS Third Parties to CLS Member Banks via Swift

As a CLS Member Bank you can use your existing Swift infrastructure to receive confirmations from your CLS Third Party clients. As a CLS Third Party your confirmations can be copied securely to your CLS Member.

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Interfaces and Integration

Alliance Messaging Hub gives you the processing power you need

Alliance Messaging Hub is our high-volume messaging solution. It can be tailored to your specifications, suits environments with extensive integration needs and is highly scalable.

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Our integration layers help you manage change

When you’re implementing systems, infrastructure or business model changes, our integration layers and software adapters help you connect seamlessly to Swift.

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Compliance and Shared Services

Have you discovered SwiftRef?

SwiftRef gives you easy access to up-to-date, validated reference data from authorised data originators. It will save you time and effort – and increase efficiency.

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The KYC Registry is a single source for KYC data

The KYC Registry meets the need for an efficient, shared platform for managing and exchanging standardised Know Your Customer (KYC) data.

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Swift and securities: training opportunities

We’ve a range of training opportunities to ensure you get the most from Swift for your business, including classroom, online and bespoke on-site options.

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Expert advice from trusted partners

Our Consulting Services offer standards consulting and impact assessments to help you plan for the future.

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The support you need

Benefit from the level of support that’s right for your business: on-site or online, 24x7 from our regional support centres.

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Industry-standard messaging and worldwide connectivity in one step

  • One channel connects you worldwide
  • All markets and assets covered
  • Efficient, automated communications