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Payment controls: features & benefits

Real-time monitoring of your payments

Payment Controls provides you with real-time, 'in-flight' monitoring of the payments you send. Leverage intelligent technology that learns from behavioural patterns over time to support continuous improvement. Benefit from a secure, SWIFT-hosted service with zero footprint and instant switch-on

Centralize your risk and anti-fraud policy

The Payment Controls Ruleset allows you to determine your levels of risk and screen against known threat patterns (e.g. new corridor detection, out-of-business hours payments, message spike detection).

Set your own rules

In addition to setting rules to manage fraudulent payments, this capability can also be applied to other business processes such as the need to block certain payment flows due to a branch closure, or extra sanctions checks, or to monitor closely your rarely used currencies/corridors.

Gain an overview of all your alerted messages

Payment Controls Alerts allows you to list of all alerts generated on your screened messages as well as enabling you to organise your views and support your alert handling activities.

A single view of related fraud risks

The Payment Controls Alerting capability, enables you to view all Indicators of Compromise (IOC) on one single message. This is based on your defined risk and anti-fraud policy.

Audit and analyse your alerts

The reporting inbox provides you with an audit trail of alerted messages and the actions taken, helping you to analyse the efficiency of your screening policy.

Get notified in real-time of important events

Get instantaneously notified via email of the occurrence of key events (e.g. a message being blocked by an alert).

Get notified in real-time of important events

Enabling 4-eyes approval 

Enable a 4-eyes approval process to strengthen the security of your key actions: alert management, alert setting management, ruleset activation, user management.

Improve payment speed, transparency and reliability

Payment Controls: book a demo

Book a demo with one of our sales experts and see Payment Controls in action.