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Streamlining the KYC process for corporates

Streamlining the KYC process for corporates

In a recent panel discussion hosted by SWIFT, experts across the banking and corporate sector came together to their share experiences of SWIFT’s KYC Registry for corporate due diligence.

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Our messaging, standards and services connect you to your counterparties worldwide, so you can transact securely and reliably.

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Capital Markets

SWIFT is advancing its solutions to address capital market challenges. Reduce costs and risks with securities transaction and FX market solutions.

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As a multinational, you want industry-standard ways to work with multiple banking partners for cash, trade and corporate treasury.

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Market Infrastructures

Resilience, security and responsiveness are your core operational requirements. Our solutions help you deliver for your community.

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Cyber Security

Customer Security Programme (CSP)

Reinforcing the security of the global banking system


Resilience, security and responsiveness are your core operational requirements. Our solutions help you deliver for your...

Featured news & events

Universal Confirmations – what you need to know before 22 November
17 July 2020

Universal Confirmations: Answers to your key questions

With the deadline to confirm payments approaching, here’s what you should know to get prepared.
Customer Due Diligence
20 June 2020

Efficient customer due diligence is key to improving corporate customer experience

As the requirements for customer due diligence across the world become more complex, Bart Claeys, Head...
6 July 2020

SWIFT, CCB Fintech collaborate to bring expertise to the Chinese financial community

SWIFT and CCB Fintech sign a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on knowledge sharing and cooperation.
5th AML Directive
17 April 2020

What does the 5th AML Directive tell us about registries and their role in combatting financial crime?

With the recent introduction of the 5th AML Directive, registries are set to play a more...
Brave new world: be ready for Europe’s new payments architecture - ESMIG
19 September 2019

SWIFT publishes new paper on the European payments landscape

As financial institutions prepare for new European payments architecture, SWIFT highlights the milestones for action and...
2 October 2019

Belinvestbank the first bank in Belarus to go live on SWIFT’s gpi service

Belinvest, one of the largest banks in Belarus, has become the first bank in the country...
SWIFT for Corporates
5 March 2020

Major trade banks are digitising trade on SWIFT

We are leveraging our extensive platform connectivity to digitise Letter of Credit (LC) presentation, delivering new...
SWIFT African Regional Conference 2020
19 February 2020

SWIFT to host open API hackathon to foster innovation in cross-border payments in Africa

Hackathon open to all developers and engineers working in financial sector and to identify new solutions...
Education and empowerment: How SWIFT supports communities across the world
9 January 2020

Education and empowerment: How SWIFT supports communities across the world

We believe everyone should have access to the skills and opportunities they need to be in...