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Detect and intercept payment anomalies in real-time

Swift Payment Controls (PCS) can help you to detect payment anomalies that can be indicative of fraud affecting your institution, your customers, your counterparties, or cause you operational issues.

Payment Controls screens outgoing Swift payment messages against rules you configure based on your risk appetite, business needs, and payments policies. Alerting and blocking take place in real time, so you can intercept suspicious messages before they are released, preventing financial loss or reputational damage.

Payment Controls screens all your outgoing FIN and ISO 20022 payment messages, including: MT103, MT202, MT202cov, pacs008, pacs009, and pacs004. 

From 2023, Payment Controls will leverage pseudonymised account information which has been shared by the Swift community to help users address additional risk scenarios at the customer and account level.

Factsheet: Payment Controls, how to detect and intercept payment anomalies in real-time

Manage risk policy to identify uncharacteristic payments

Complement your fraud data points with network-wide insights

Payment Controls Alerting computes statistics based on account-level data from the entire Swift network – highlighting anomalies that banks do not have a view of individually.

Alert or block payment messages in real-time

Payment Controls Alerting monitors your outgoing traffic in real-time to alert or block outlier payments as per your rules and control policies before they are released from the Swift network.

Your security net within the Swift network

Payment Controls is a service hosted within the Swift network, separate from your back-office systems which is crucial to keep control of your outgoing payments in the event of a cyberattack or operational issue.

Benefit from independent daily reporting

Payment Controls Reporting offers daily reporting on your incoming and outgoing payment transactions, based on Swift’s independent network reports, allowing rapid reconciliation and risk identification.

Payment Controls: book a demo

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