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of secure financial messaging services

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Optimise sanctions compliance with pinpoint precision.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

A single source to collect and exchange KYC information.

Compliance Analytics

Powerful data and world-class analytics supporting AML, sanctions and KYC compliance.

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Payment Controls

SWIFT Payment Controls protects your payment operations against fraudulent attacks.

Daily Validation Reports

Informes independientes de sus actividades diarias de transacciones a través de SWIFT. Para ayudarle a detectar...

Name Screening

Esta eficaz solución amalgama una administración centralizada de las listas con funciones avanzadas que verifican de...

Technical Advisory services

Advising you on solution design, cost reduction and operational excellence

Sanctions Screening

No tiene de qué preocuparse. Nuestro servicio gestionado Sanctions Screening tiene cubierto el filtrado de las...

Compliance Analytics

Identifique los riesgos de criminalidad financiera en sus operaciones y corresponsales con nuestro análisis de pagos...