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The payments reference data solution

Our data delivers frictionless payments.

We collect and link global payments reference data to help streamline payment operations, serving more than 2,500 customers in 200+ countries. 

Discover our solutions here.

Identify Payments Correspondents


Identifiers Directory

Global reference data to support your domestic and international payment needs


BIC Directory

An indispensable source for efficient payments preparation and repair


SEPA Directory

All the SEPA payment destination and routing information you need. SCT Instant information.

Route Payments Efficiently


Participants Directory

Ensure the fastest route to your payment’s end destination


Standing Settlement Instructions Directory

Meeting your Standing Settlement Instructions data needs

Complete Payments Solution


Payments Directory

The complete reference data solution for global payments

Online Lookup Solutions


Bankers World Online BIC

Online look up access to all BIC codes related information


Bankers World Online REACH

Your easy online access to Payments information

Bank Master Data for your ERP System


Corporate Bundles – Bundle One

For corporates that require manual access to worldwide payments reference data and SEPA-compliant database.


Corporate Bundles – Bundle Two

For Corporates with automated processing of domestic, SEPA, and International Payments.


Corporate Bundles – Bundle Three

For global corporates with large-scale payments operations and critical FX/MM transactions.

Free service
Maintain and contribute your reference data
Discover more

As a data owner you want to make sure payment correspondents can reach you correctly. Through SwiftRef, Maintain Your Data, this possible. Discover the value of providing and maintaining your own reference data directly via the SwiftRef. 

Delivery Channels & Options

SwiftRef Payments Reference Data is accessible via four different delivery channels: File, online via Bankers World Online platform, API or via Swift Network (FileAct). 

Discover our range of delivery channels and options

How will you benefit

Reduce cost

Eliminate the manual cost of repairing failed payments

Increase operational efficiency

Our data is reliable, standardised, and easy to integrate into back-office systems

Enhance customer experience

By providing smooth payment customer journey

Peace of mind

We are recognised by the industry for quality reference data

Document centre

Last update: 26 February 2016

Directories Data Collection


Last update: 23 August 2022

SwiftRef Licence Terms and Conditions

The SwiftRef Licence Terms and Conditions for distribution of SwiftRef Data govern the licensing of SwiftRef Data to a...

Last update: 13 December 2016

Currency, Country, Holiday directory - XML Schemas

View SwiftRef product XML Schemas

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