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Messaging tailored for market infrastructures

MI Channel optimises the exchange of large amounts of data between market infrastructure communities in the domestic and international payments, securities and FX markets.

  • Protocol optimisation, intelligent batching and compression mechanisms delivering throughput volumes of hundreds of messages a second
  • Store-and-forward delivery increases resilience and efficiency
  • Recovery features guarantee no ‘inflight’ messages and include data replay for recovery in the event of failure
  • Easy, direct integration with back-office applications using industry standard middleware (IBM MQ)

MI Channel is accessed via existing Swift communication software (Alliance Gateway and SwiftNet Link) enabling re-use of infrastructure and cost savings.

Reach higher levels of performance and resilience

Extremely high performance

MI Channel is specifically designed for fast exchange of high data volumes. Speeds of up to hundreds of messages per second are achievable.

Easy to integrate

Direct integration with back-office applications is easy and efficient, using standard IBM MQ middleware. MI Channel operates over the customer’s existing Swift communication infrastructure.


Storage is on the customer’s MQ server, guaranteeing no “inflight” messages in case of system failure. Data replay assists recovery in case of data loss.

What does MI Channel offer?

Find out if MI Channel is right for your organisation.