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FIN connects you to financial institutions, corporates and market infrastructures

FIN enables financial institutions to exchange individual structured (MT and ISO 15022 message formats) financial messages securely and reliably. FIN is used by over 11,000 financial institutions and their corporate customers worldwide to exchange over 31.3+ million messages per day across a wide range of business areas within the banking and securities industries.

FIN value-added processing includes:

  • Message validation to ensure messages are formatted according to Swift message standards
  • Delivery monitoring and prioritisation
  • Message storage and retrieval

It is based on a distributed processing architecture with full, built-in redundancy to ensure maximum availability.

In order to address long-term technology needs, Swift is renewing its FIN application and underlying technology platform. For more information visit our FIN Renewal Programme pages.

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Reach FIs, corporate customers and market infrastructures worldwide

More than 11,000 FIN users exchange 31.3+ million messages a day, supporting the financial community across more than 200 countries.

Advanced delivery options

With FIN, you’re kept informed about message status and delivery. Messages can also be copied to third parties for information or processing.

FIN validates messages centrally to ensure compliance with standards

FIN supports central message validation of a wide range of message types used across the financial community enabling payments, securities, treasury and trade.

Find out more about FIN

FIN is our core messaging service for exchanging financial messages.

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Last update: 29 April 2018

FIN Inform

The simple solution to all your message duplication needs.

Last update: 29 April 2018

FIN Copy

FIN Copy is a value-added feature of FIN that enables the sender of a message to trigger a copy to a copy destination...