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Since 2008, Swift Innotribe has worked with financial institutions, fintechs, innovation labs and top industry experts to stimulate debate and facilitate action across our industry.

About Innotribe

Benefitting from Swift’s central role within the financial industry, Swift Innotribe and Discover seek to reinforce the importance of collaboration in innovation. We want to support all key players in the financial ecosystem, including fintechs, to move forward together.

At Sibos, we bring together innovators and investors from leading worldwide financial institutions to identify, develop, and implement transformational products and services. Together we explore emerging technology and challenge perceptions with thought-provoking content, taking our participants on a journey to that potential digital future and examining the opportunities and challenges along the way.

Swift Innotribe

What’s coming up?

Swift Innotribe will once again bring cutting-edge thought leadership to Sibos. We’ll offer a glimpse of what the world of technology, society and financial services will look like, with thought-provoking sessions such as Contrarian Views, Deep Dives and café sessions from leading futurists, scientists, academics and technology leaders.

Sibos also provides the perfect platform to showcase fintechs from across the world with the Discover exhibition, Perfect Pitch competition and the Swift Hackathon.

Swift Innotribe

Sibos 2023

The Future of Money becomes the Future of Value

At Sibos 2023 in Toronto, we bid farewell to our flagship session, the Future of Money. Over the last 10 years, this session has examined what a digital future could look like, covering a multitude of perspectives from embedded finance, hyper-personalisation, tokenisation and digital money, to a future where everything is a subscription. 

More recently, however, the conversation has broadened to encompass much more than what we consider ‘money’. So, as we examined some of the discussions we’ve had over the last 10 years, we realised that although we were often asking the right questions, the topic has become much bigger than we could have anticipated. 

Trust, identity, privacy, data and agency are now all key elements of this dialogue, so our new Innotribe flagship session, The Future of Value, takes this into account, expanding the conversation to showcase what we feel is the right question to ask: what exactly does the future of value look like? 

Sibos TV: Discover Perfect Pitch Winners

Participating fintechs have been battling it out in the Discover Perfect Pitch competition for the last few years to impress our judges and claim the grand prize of exclusive roundtable access to venture capitalists and banking connections.

Our categories evolved in 2023, ranging from Ambitious Adventurer to Community Pioneer and Established Trendsetters. Find out more about our winners in 2023 – Global PayEX, Fincom and Encompass Corporation.