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Pay your Swift invoices by direct debit

Did you know that you can make your payment via Direct Debit and avoid administrative burdens and delay in payment ?

Direct debit is a payment method, by which a pre-authorization agreement enables one organization to debit money automatically from the bank account of another individual or organization.

Direct Debit offers the following advantages:

  •  Peace of mind with automatic and electronic settlement of invoices
  • Avoidance of service disruption and late payment penalties due to late settlement
  • Gain extra 10 days on invoices settlement with 40 days instead of standard 30 days payment term
  •  Save Time and Money on administrative hassle and costing on top of answering reminders on the unpaid invoices



You can opt for direct debit at any time and we strongly recommend this method of payment. To open a direct debit account, kindly check out the link below for the guidelines.

Paying USD invoices by direct debit

Paying EUR invoices by direct debit

For more queries relating to direct debit payments, see our FAQs.