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One place to share and access KYC data

Submit KYC data that conforms to global standards

The data fields and documentation within the registry support a global standard for correspondent banks, non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) and corporate KYC. Structuring KYC data in accordance with a common standard significantly reduces the time and complexity associated with multiple data requests.

Communication function

Provide only the necessary data

When registering using our entity-type questionnaire, you'll only need to provide the KYC data and documents your regulators ask for.

Swift KYC Registry (2)

Four-eyes review

Give yourself added peace of mind by conducting an additional ‘four-eyes’ review when sharing your KYC information.

Contribution features

Complete your data submission by copying information from one entity to another and link documents from a parent entity.

Swift KYC Registry (4)

Activity reports

Make audits easy with access to all your user activity reports and version history, whenever you need it.

Swift KYC Registry (3)
Swift KYC Registry (5)


You choose which of your counterparties can access, view or download your KYC information.

Potential counterparties function

Easily view every counterparty you’ve interacted with over the last 13 months, create bulk access requests, and grant or revoke permissions as you see fit.

Swift KYC Registry (6)

Communication function

Communicate securely with other institutions’ users through the KYC Registry messenger. All KYC communications on the platform have an audit trail and can be exported for audit purposes.

Submit KYC data that conforms to global standards
Swift KYC Registry (7)

New reporting menu

We've introduced a new reporting menu and added in-app reports that can be customised based on your needs.

API integration

Our APIs help you to automate the data collection process and monitor changes to your counterparties' data in real-time.

Swift KYC Registry (8)

Leverage adverse media for comprehensive review

Institutions who are using media to support their KYC checks can subscribe to our value-added service to view adverse media linked to the entity via the KYC Registry. This public information is easily accessible through the KYC Registry thanks to Swift’s partnership with one of the world’s premier reporting services, Dow Jones Risk & Compliance. This service links globally-reported negative news stories and regulators’ notes to the relevant legal entity in the registry, enabling a fast and comprehensive review for all customer due diligence needs.


Leverage adverse media for comprehensive review