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ISO 20022: frequently asked questions, answered

We have compiled a list of questions frequently asked about ISO 20022 by members of the Swift community. Indexed by theme, everything you need to know about ISO 20022 can be found here.

FAQs by topic


ISO 20022: Translation Services

To allow participants to move at their own pace during the co-existence period, Swift is providing...


ISO 20022: Standards

ISO 20022 is a standards development methodology. Understand the benefits of the standard, how it differs...


ISO 20022: Implementation

During the coexistence period customers can decide when to enable ISO 20022 for cross-border payments. Stay...


ISO 20022: Training

Be well prepared for your adoption of ISO 20022 for cross-border payments and reporting. Discover the...


ISO 20022: Securities Markets

Understand what’s available on the Swift network and our securities plans for the future.

Latest news on ISO 20022

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