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From strong foundations come bold innovations

Every transaction’s journey is unique. Passing through a mix of countries, serving different customers, and jumping between jurisdictions. To continue helping financial institutions meet the needs of their customers, we’re expanding our capabilities to provide comprehensive transaction management services. So as the world of finance continues to become more complex, we’ll keep innovating to offer simple solutions that empower our customers, and theirs too.  

The benefits of Transaction Manager
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The benefits of Transaction Manager

Introducing Transaction Manager
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We’re completely reimagining how transactions flow around the world, making it possible for banks to seamlessly work together so that every payment can flow faster and further.  

It’s all powered by Transaction Manager, which provides a centralised view of transaction data so that all participants can access it simultaneously in real time. It’s a foundation that we can all build on, and one that opens up a whole world of possibilities.  

As a member of our community, you don’t need to do anything to reap the benefits that this enhanced platform will bring. We’ll automatically begin processing traffic via Transaction Manager in a phased approach. 

Total interoperability

It doesn’t matter which data format or connectivity channel you use; the platform facilitates total interoperability between them. This means you can move at your own pace in your ISO 20022 journey. 

No extra effort

We’ll automatically begin routing traffic onto Transaction Manager. So as long as you’re compliant with CBPR+, you’ll be able to benefit from all it has to offer.  

End-to-end transaction integrity

A shared copy of the latest transaction data, alongside community-agreed integrity rules ensure that important information is not truncated, overwritten, lost or corrupted throughout the end-to-end process. 

Want to learn more?

Log in to mySwift to access key resources and documentation for the first release of Transaction Manager.

Hear from the community

Learn how Transaction Manager will enhance your business – a frictionless, safeguarded transaction process and a better experience for end customers. Damien Godderis of BNP Paribas, Isabel Schmidt of BNY Mellon and Paula Roels of Deutsche Bank discuss the benefits this will bring to the entire financial community. 

The benefits of Transaction Manager
1 min view

The benefits of Transaction Manager

Transaction Manager
1 min view

Why are the data integrity rules so important?

Find out more about Transaction Manager

Introducing Transaction Management

Swift Platform Evolution: Release 1 of transaction management capabilities 

Learn more about Transaction Management

Complete the Transaction Manager SwiftSmart training courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to a list of frequently asked questions about Transaction Manager

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