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Swift Compatible Interface Programme

Our Swift Compatible Interface programme for registered providers and non-Swift interfaces helps assure that interfaces meet requirements for interoperability with Swift messaging services, including correct adherence to protocols, and implementation of certain mandatory features. To receive compatibility confirmation for a product, the provider must meet these requirements and pass integration testing.

As per the Swift General Terms and Conditions, customers must use a Swift Compatible Interface when connecting to the Swift network.

The Swift Compatible Interface programme covers different messaging protocols, such as FIN, RMA, InterAct store-and-forward, FileAct store-and-forward, FileAct real-time and connectivity, as detailed in the SwiftNet Interface Vendor Specifications.

The Swift Compatible Interface programme also requires compliance of the vendor interface with a set of mandatory and advisory security controls, derived from the Swift Customer Security Programme.

For more information, see Swift Compatible Interface Programme Overview

Swift Compatible Interfaces are listed on, with their version number, product functionality and operation environment information.

Roles and Responsibilities

Swift Compatibility does not guarantee or assure particular service levels, performance or outcomes. The registered provider or vendor offering a Swift Compatible Interface is solely responsible for the performance and outcomes associated with a compatible interface. Swift is not responsible for, nor does it warrant, endorse or guarantee, the performance or quality of a compatible interface.

The use of a Swift Compatible Interface is under the customer’s responsibility and at customer’s own risk. Checks performed by Swift to verify compliance of the interface should never be seen as a substitute for a customer’s own independent analysis, checks and due diligence. Swift encourages all customers considering using a third party Swift Compatible Interface to undertake all necessary due diligence and analysis of suitability  before choosing an appropriate Swift Compatible Interface. Swift disclaims any and all liability for the acts, faults, or omissions of a third party Swift Compatible Interface provider or its products.