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Enabling treasury efficiencies

Swift GPI has transformed the cross-border payments experience for corporate treasurers. Payments processing is now more efficient, shortening supply cycles, speeding up critical payments to minutes, and reducing lengthy and frustrating investigations.

Through gpi, you can get a real-time, end-to-end view on your cross-border payment flows, improving your cash forecasting and optimising your liquidity. And gpi enables your banks to send you a confirmation notice when the money reaches your recipient’s account – providing certainty that the beneficiary has been credited.

Reduce payment investigations

With end-to-end tracking and confirmation of credit, Swift GPI gives you total transparency on the journey of a payment, so if it has been delayed or held up, you can find out exactly who to contact, saving you time chasing it along the chain.

Improve supplier relationships

By attaching the unique tracking reference to each payment, you can foster better relationships with your suppliers and business partners, providing transparency on payments and keeping the flow of trade moving

Speed up invoice reconciliation

Payment data carried via Swift GPI is unaltered, meaning you can save time repairing payments and marrying invoices with received funds.

Achieve greater capital efficiencies

With money moving more speedily and with greater transparency, you can put your cash to better use, reducing risk and unlocking new opportunities.

Ready to start your Swift GPI journey?

Find out how you can unlock fast, transparent and trackable cross-border payments by contacting your bank. Find a gpi member bank using our Bank Readiness Portal.